Taxation Services

Tax compliance services involve ensuring that an organisation is in full compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations. This includes preparing tax returns, making tax payments, and fulfilling reporting requirements. The aim is to minimise the risk of non-compliance and penalties.

On the other hand, tax planning involves developing strategies to minimise an organisation’s tax liability while staying within the boundaries of applicable tax laws and regulations. This includes analysing tax implications of business decisions, identifying tax-saving opportunities, and implementing effective tax planning strategies. The goal is to maximise tax efficiency and minimise the organisation’s overall tax burden.

I. Tax Audit Services

Our team of tax consultants possesses the essential expertise and experience required to handle tax audit and investigation cases. Most clients face one or more of the following tax concerns:

  • They are (or are about to be) the subject of a tax audit or investigation.
  • They have received a request from the tax authorities for a site visit.
  • They have received a request from the tax authorities for a meeting.
  • They have been asked to provide business records.
  • They have received an estimated tax or compound for tax default.

Our tax consultants could assist by:

  • Ensuring the client’s relationship with the tax authorities is as good as it can be.
  • Negotiating the best possible outcome to any tax dispute or query.
  • Defending all types of tax enquiries on behalf of client.
  • Advising on tax payer rights, information rights, interest and penalties.
  • Tax appeals, tribunals and litigation support.
  • Assisting client with voluntary disclosures.

II. Tax Compliance Services

The escalation of tax compliance requirements in Malaysia has contributed to the depletion of management time, and the adoption of a more probing approach by tax authorities has resulted in more severe penalties for non-compliance. When these factors are combined, the tax burden on businesses may surpass expectations and have a significant impact.

Our tax consultants could assist on the following categories:


  • Tax Compliance and Annual Tax Return Filing
  • SST Implementation and Awareness Program
  • Tax Incentive Applications
  • Tax Planning and Consultancy
  • Stamp Duty Planning
  • Overseas Income Repatriation Planning
  • Transfer Pricing Services
  • International Tax Services
  • Offshore Tax Haven and Financial Centre Services


  • Directors Remuneration and Benefit Packaging
  • Employee Remuneration and Benefit Packaging

Expatriates / Foreign Investors and Contractors

  • Tax Compliance
  • Double Taxation Services
  • Remuneration Package Planning
  • Withholding Tax Services


  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Audit

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